Funerals in Ireland

Death is the only certainty in life – so a funeral is something that everyone will eventually have – but no one likes to plan ahead for it. Most people in Ireland are Catholic (even if lapsed) – and the vast majority of funerals take place in a church. (Even if the dead person hardly … Read more

Large Numbers Still Moving to Ireland

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The Irish economy is in a strong position having recovered  from the financial crisis and the subsequent recession. In early 2012, the unemployment rate in Ireland was 16% and almost 50,000 Irish people emigrated that year. At the start of 2019 the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was down to 5.7% a  and involuntary emigration has … Read more

Average Earnings in Ireland

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Average weekly earnings in Ireland were €742.19 at the end of March  2018 .  (€38595 annual pay ). This has increased by 2.4% in the past year from €725.05  a week  (€37700 annually). In the five years to Q1 2018 average weekly earnings have risen by 7.1%, from €693.23 in Q1 2013 to €742.19. In … Read more