Sending Money to Ireland from the UK

sending money to ireland

For anyone that is moving to Ireland from the UK – either permanently or temporarily – sending money to Ireland is something, you will need to do. The currency used in Ireland is the Euro and in the UK it is Sterling or the British Pound. What is the best way of sending money from … Read more

Opening a Bank Account in Ireland

bank accounts ireland

Opening a Bank Account in Ireland:If you move to Ireland from overseas you will not get too far without an Irish bank account. Unless your employer pays you by cash- you will need a bank account within a month or two. Bank of Ireland , Allied Irish Bank , KBC and PTSB are the major … Read more

Opening a UK Sterling Bank Account from Ireland

Sterling bank account

If you are moving to the UK from Ireland – you are going to need a Sterling bank account in the UK. This might not be easy whilst you are still living in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, you will find that many of the banks there will allow you to open a Sterling Bank Account … Read more