Take Home Pay Ireland 2022

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How much is deducted from wages in Ireland – What is the Take Home Pay ? As well as Income Tax – most workers in Ireland also have PRSI and USC deducted from their pay. USC is a more recent tax on income –  introduced in 2011 as one of the austerity measures. USC was … Read more

Income Tax Rates in Ireland

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A brief summary of the Income Tax Rates in Ireland is given below – the figures shown are valid from January 2022 Note: As well as income tax – other deductions are taken from wages in Ireland. There is the Universal Social Charge. See more about the Universal Social Charge Here. Another deduction from gross … Read more

Skill Shortages in Ireland

As the recovery in the Irish jobs market gathered pace during 2014 and 2015 , areas of skill shortages in Ireland  have arisen in several occupations and sectors The jobs  that Irish employers are having trouble filling are  across a wide  range of occupations include : ICT (software developers, cloud, databases/big data, testing, security, technical … Read more

Finding Jobs in Ireland

Finding work in Ireland is not as easy as it was a few years ago at the height of the boom. There are still job vacancies – but finding the exact job to suit you may be more difficult. There are plenty of job vacancies in certain sectors such as IT , Pharma . Many … Read more