Mortgages in Ireland

Irish household debt is falling but still  remains high – here are some recent figures on Mortgages in Ireland. In 2016, on average, First Time Buyers  in Ireland borrowed 79 per cent of the house value and an average of 2.9 times household income. Second time and Subsequent housebuyers borrowed , on average, 66 per … Read more

Mortgage Brokers Ireland

Mortgages arranged through Mortgage Brokers in Ireland used to account for around 40% of all Irish mortgages. The figures in are not as high now because many lenders have cut broker commissions and are lending less. Mortgage Brokers are usually paid commission by the mortgage lenders – ranging from 0.25% to 1%. Some brokers may … Read more

Average House Prices in Ireland

The housing market in Ireland had been booming for several years prior to 2007 – but as with many countries in the world – the bubble burst and average house prices in Ireland dropped back to more realistic levels from 2008 onwards Ireland’s house price growth up to 2007 was one of the highest in … Read more

Mortgage Rates in Ireland

mortgages ireland

Mortgage rates in Ireland used to be quite closely linked to the European Central Bank rate – which is now at 0.05% after the last cut in September 2014 .  Since the cuts to the ECB rate – most banks have kept their mortgage rates around 3 to 4% .  A good proportion of  borrowers … Read more

Mortgage Tax Relief

Many  thousands of mortgage payers in Ireland still get tax relief on mortgage interest payments. It is known as Tax Relief at source or TRS in Ireland. Since January 2013 all new mortgages no longer qualify for Tax Relief. Mortgage interest relief will be gradually phased out – so no one in Ireland will be … Read more