NPPR Property Tax Ireland

In July 2009 a new local authority charge was intruduced in Ireland. It was a charge on any residential property (unit) that was not the main residence of the owner. The charge was a flat rate of €200 . The charge was per dwelling – so a block of 30 apartments owned by one person or company – will incur a charge of €6000 Euro.

The introduction of the Local Property Tax in 2013 saw the ending of the NPPR – but not until 2014
Liablity for NPPR was set on March 31st – if you owned a property then you are liable for the full charge (even if you have sold it since). Late payment (after July) will mean penalties of €20 a month until payment is made.

The charge (the government don’t like to call it a tax) – was payable by non residents as well as Irish residents. If you lived in the UK and owned a holiday home in Ireland – you were liable for the charge.

In typical Irish fashion – the onus was on the property owners to register all non principal private residences that they own. No letters or bills were sent out by the local councils. The charge was to help fund local authorities – but the payment and registration can be done online at

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