Mobile Phones

Mobile phone usage in Ireland is one of the largest in Europe per head of population. There is over 120 % penetration with over five million subscribers in a population of 4.2 million. (Our American visitors prefer to call them cell phones)

The Irish like to talk – and the average number of mobile call minutes per customer in Ireland is approximately 35% more than the European average.

The choice of mobile phone network providers in Ireland has grown in the past few years. The main mobile phone providers and networks are listed here : Click on the links below to find out more about pricing and the phones available.

Vodafone had the biggest share of the market – with 42% . Three recently took over O2 – so they now have about 40%. Meteor and eMobile are owned by Eircom – and they have about 20% of the market with the others such as Tesco and 48months making up the remainder.
This comparison of pre pay mobile phone charges will also be of interest – showing that you can get unlimited calls and texts to any mobile network plus 5gb of data for just €20 a month from 48Months

All the various mobile networks have their advantages and disadvantages and their own various pricing structures with offers of so called “free” call time etc.

Pay as You Go – or Pre-Pay is more popular in Ireland. About two thirds of phones are used as Pay as You Go and the rest are on contracts of 12 months or more.

Don’t assume that you will be better off on a contract if you use the phone a lot. In some cases – Pay as You Go (Prepay) can work out cheaper than a monthly contract.
For example – 48months is a new online only company that uses the O2 network – for €15 a month you can get 500 Minutes of calls plus unlimited texts to ANY Irish mobile number plus 1Gb of data. Get a Free 48Months Sim Here

Another fairly good pay as you go deal is the Meteor Anytime Choice – if you top up by €30 a month you get unlimited free calls to any network including landlines . The €30 credit can then be used towards data or texts . Find out more at Meteor Ireland