Best Mobile Phone Deals in Ireland

Mobile phone usage in Ireland is one of the largest in Europe per head of population. There are over five million subscribers in a population of 4.3 million. The Irish like to talk – and the average number of mobile call minutes per customer in Ireland is approximately 35% more than the European average.
It can be hard to work out what are the best Mobile Phone Deals in Ireland – but we have had a go at picking some of the best value for money bundles on PrePay.  No contract – so if there are problems it will be easy to switch. Pay as You Go – or Pre-Pay is still very popular in Ireland.   Don’t assume that you will be better off on a contract if you use the phone a lot. In some cases – Pay as You Go (Prepay) can work out cheaper than a monthly contract.
One of the best current mobile phone deals on pre-pay  is from  Lycamobile    . For €15 a month you get 15Gb of data  , Unlimited Texts and Unlimited calls to all networks and landlines. (Fair usage limit of  8000 mins and 8000 texts – which is more than enough.)
The bundle includes free roaming in 18 countries including USA , UK and Australia.
They use the Three network .  You can Order a free SIM here at the Lycamobile site


Three recently took over O2 – so Three are probably the biggest network now.  They have a  30 day contract,  SIM only bundle with “Unlimited” calls to mobiles and landlines, unlimited , texts and unlimited data for   €29.59 a month. (Fair usage data limit of 15Gb)


There are a few “Virtual Networks” – these are providers that piggyback on other networks –  such as Tescomobile and 48months  and Lycamobile . All these use the Three network.


48months is an online only company that also  uses the Three  network – With them , for   €20 a month you get unlimited texts , 1000 minutes of calls to any Irish mobile network , 60 minutes to landlines and  8Gb of data. For just €10 a month you  get 1Gb plus 300 mins of mobile calls , 60 mins to landlines  and unlimited texts.  Get a Free 48Months Sim Here

Another fairly good SIM only deal is from Eir – for 25 a month you get unlimited free calls to any network including landlines , unlimited texts  plus 15Gb of data .

Vodafone were around at the start of mobile networks in Ireland – so they had the biggest share of the market for many years.   The Vodafone network is probably the best –  but prices seem to be always higher than all the other providers.