Best Mobile Phone Deals in Ireland

Mobile phone usage in Ireland is one of the largest in Europe per head of population. There is over 120 % penetration with over five million subscribers in a population of 4.2 million. The Irish like to talk – and the average number of mobile call minutes per customer in Ireland is approximately 35% more than the European average.
It can be hard to work out what are the best Mobile Phone Deals in Ireland – but we have had a go at picking some of the best value for money bundles on PrePay.  No contract – so if there are problems it will be easy to switch.

The choice of mobile phone network providers in Ireland has grown in the past few years. The main mobile phone providers and networks are listed here :

Vodafone were around at the start of mobile networks in Ireland – so they had the biggest share of the market for many years.   The Vodafone network is probably the best –  but prices seem to be always higher than all teh other providers.

Three recently took over O2 – so Three are probably the biggest network now.  They have a  30 day contract,  SIM only bundle with “Unlimited” calls to mobiles and landlines, unlimited , texts and unlimited data for   €29.59 a month. (Fair usage data limit of 15Gb)

Meteor and eMobile are owned by Eircom – and they have about 20% of the market between them.

There are a few “Virtual Networks” – these are providers that piggyback on other networks –  such as Tescomobile and 48months  and Lycamobile . All these use the Three network.

Pay as You Go – or Pre-Pay is still very popular in Ireland.   Don’t assume that you will be better off on a contract if you use the phone a lot. In some cases – Pay as You Go (Prepay) can work out cheaper than a monthly contract.

One of the best current mobile phone deals on pre-pay  is from  Lycamobile    For €15 a month you get 20Gb of data  , Unlimited  Texts and Unlimited calls Minutes to all networks and landlines. (Fairusage limit of  8000 mins and 8000 texts – which is more than enough.)
The bundle includes free roaming in 18 countries including USA , UK and Australia. New deals come out every month – so there could be a different bundle  when you are reading this.
They use the Three network .  You can Order a free SIM here at the Lycamobile site

48months is an online only company thatalso  uses the Three  network – With them , for   €20 a month you get unlimited texts , 1000 minutes of calls to any Irish mobile network , 60 minutes to landlines and  8Gb of data. For just €10 a month you  get 1Gb plus 300 mins of mobile calls , 60 mins to landlines  and unlimited texts.  Get a Free 48Months Sim Here

Another fairly good pay as you go deal is from Meteor  – if you top up by €30 a month you get unlimited free calls to any network including landlines  plus 15Gb of data .