Interest Free Credit Cards

Credit Cards Ireland

Credit cards with introductory offers of Interest free credit on balance transfers or zero interest rates on purchases are always on offer to entice new customers in Ireland.

Tesco Ireland are offering 6 months interest free credit on balance transfers and 8 months at 0% on purchases. This is the best offer in our opinion (Jan 2015).
See all the interest free and low interest credit card offers in Ireland here – : Zero Interest Rates on Credit Cards

For people moving to Ireland from other countries – one of the charges that might come as a shock is the annual government stamp duty on credit cards – which is €30 (2015) . Credit cards are almost essential these days if you need to buy anything online or over the phone – so  this tax is a nice little earner for the Irish Revenue.

Switching credit cards in Ireland is not as easy as the UK – because of the government stamp duty. But – if you are changing to a different credit card – you shouldn’t have to pay the duty more than once a year.
Make sure you close the old credit card account . When you are closing the old credit card account your card issuer should give you a letter of closure stating that you have paid your stamp duty for the year. If you give this letter to your new card issuer, you will not be charged stamp duty by them again in that year. It is important not to lose the letter. Only one original letter of closure can be issued.

You can change account as often as you like during the year without paying extra duty, as long as you transfer a letter of closure between the card issuers each time. Don’t assume that if you don’t use a credit card that you will not be charged stamp duty – you will. Make sure you close down unused credit cards.I
Visa Debit cards are an alternative to credit cards Ulster Bank started issuing them in Ireland and now all the banks issue them.

Tip: If you are moving to Ireland from the UK – you should be able to keep your existing UK Credit Cards – just tell the providers that you are moving. You will need some way of  paying it off – i.e a current internet bank account in the country you came Removals from. This should not be a problem – it might be a good idea to get one set up before you move. It will be easier to pay off any old bills in your previous address.