Health Insurance Ireland

Private health insurance or medical insurance is very common in Ireland. Around 50% of the population are covered by some sort of health or medical insurance. Health insurance is used to pay for private care in hospitals or from various health professionals in hospitals or in their practices. There are currently 4 health insurance providers … Read more

Cheaper Car Insurance Ireland

Car Insurance is compulsory in Ireland – everyone must have a minimum of third party insurance to drive on a public road. Car Insurance discs have to be displayed in the same way as tax discs and NCT discs. There are plenty of car insurance companies and brokers in Ireland – and prices can vary … Read more

Home Insurance Comparison

A recent comparison of Home Insurance prices in Ireland was carried out in February 2011. The following insurance companies were involved in the survey. RSA , Chartis , Quinn Direct , Aviva , Zurich , Allianz , FBD, AXA, Getcover The survey was carried out on a fairly small sample – so the results can … Read more

Life Insurance Ireland

You may want to buy life insurance if your family (or other people) rely on you for financial or other support. You will need to decide the amount of cover you want paid out on your death. This amount is known as the ‘sum assured’ or ‘policy benefit’. If you have a young family, you … Read more