PPI Refunds Ireland

Payment Protection Insurance  or PPI for short –  was usually sold by banks, credit card companies and retailers alongside mortgages, personal loans, credit cards , store cards , car loans , overdrafts and business loans. The scale of the mis-selling of payment protection insurance in Ireland (just like the UK) is becoming clearer. In October … Read more

Injury Compensation Ireland

Ireland has a reputation for being a country where people will resort to legal action in order to try and claim compensation for accidents or medical negligence. Every week the papers seem to have at least one story of large settlements paid by insurance companies or the state for compensation for injuries received in car … Read more

Savings Accounts

The ECB rate is now just 0.05% – (January 2015) but you can still get interest rates around 2% on some deposit accounts in Ireland For longer term fixed rates the National Savings offer good rates and the fact they they have little or no tax  on the interest helps too. The interest rates on … Read more

Interest Free Credit Cards

fees and charges

Credit Cards Ireland Credit cards with introductory offers of Interest free credit on balance transfers or zero interest rates on purchases are always on offer to entice new customers in Ireland. Tesco Ireland are offering 6 months interest free credit on balance transfers and 8 months at 0% on purchases. This is the best offer … Read more

Property Tax Ireland

A Property Tax was first introduced in Ireland in 2013. This Local Property Tax  or LPT is payable by residents and non residents who own residential property in Ireland. Properties are still liable for the tax even if they are vacant. There are some exemptions – see here for details of Property Tax Exemptions in … Read more