Car Tax Refunds Ireland

The amounts charged in Ireland for Car Tax can be as much as €2100 a year for high CO2 emission cars.
See here for a list of Car Tax Amounts in Ireland.

Claiming a Car Tax Refund in Ireland : It is possible to get a refund on your Motor Tax in Ireland in certain circumstances:
These include : –

The car has been scrapped.
The car has been sent out of Ireland permanently.
The car has been stolen and has not been recovered by the owner.
The car has not been taken out or used in a public place at any time since the issue of the current disc.
The owner of the car has stopped using it because of :-
a) illness, injury or other physical disability
b)absence from the state for business or educational purposes.
c)Service overseas with the Defence Forces.

The original tax disc must be sent back with a claim form for a refund to your local motor tax office. (Not sure how you could do this if the car ws stolen?)

Car Tax Refunds are only calculated from the first of the month following the surrender of the disc.
No refunds are given on less than 3 months car tax – so don’t bother applying for a refund if there is less than 3 month left on the tax disc.
Where a vehicle has been scrapped you will need a certificate of destruction issued by an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Authorised Treatment Facility.