Electricity Gas and Oil Prices

Electricity Prices
Here in Ireland up until 2009 there was only one supplier of domestic Electricity (ESB) . In 2009 both Bord Gais and Airtricity entered the domestic Electricity market with lower prices.
ESB (Electric Ireland ) , Bord Gais , SSE Airtricity and Energia are the 4 main residential electricity suppliers in Ireland. The newer companies have undercut the semi state provider (ESB Electric Ireland)) and are spending loads on advertising campaigns to try and get new customers. Since mid 2011 ESB changed names to Electric Ireland and their prices are no longer set by the energy regulator and they are allowed to set their own prices now.

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Natural Gas is becoming more widely available in smaller towns – previously it was only available in cities like Dublin, Cork Limerick and Galway. Bord Gais was the semi state supplier – but it was sold off to Centrica and  now has four competitors – Flogas , Energia Airtricity and Electric Ireland can also supply gas to residential customers.

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Heating Oil (kerosene usually) is still one of the major fuels for home heating outside the cities. Solid fuels like turf/peat wood and coal still play an important part too. Wood pellets are becoming more popular since the government introduced grants to assist with installation costs.
Heating oil (Kerosene) prices in Ireland in early 2016 is around 50c per litre including VAT . This has fallen over the past year as oil prices fell.