University Fees Ireland

With the large increases in English university tuition fees – there may well be more English students appplying for university places in Ireland in the next few years. Brexit might reduce the numbers from 2019 onwards .

Unlike the UK – where university tuition fees can be as much as £9250 a year – Ireland still has Free University Tuition Fees for EU students.
Any UK or EU resident can go to University in Ireland and will not have to pay any tuition fees.

But  …. Third level education is not totally free in Ireland – all the universities charge a “registration fee” or a “student services fee”  which are capped at €3000 a year. But – a place at Trinity College Dublin for €3000 a year is a lot cheaper than the £9000 GBP at Oxford or Cambridge.

There are currently no low interest government backed student loans in Ireland – unlike the UK . A student loan scheme and the introduction of higher fees is being considered in Ireland.
In Ireland – students can still get maintenance grants of up to €3025 a year – and anyone that gets a grant doesn’t have to pay the registration fees.

University Fees Ireland 2019/20
These are not tuition Fees – they are called registration fees or student services and are paid annually. These are the Undergraduate registration fees at the main Irish Universities.

Trinity College Dublin – €3000
University College Dublin €3043
University of Limerick €3000
Cork University €3000
NUIG €3000

Over a 3 year course – the difference in fees between the UK and Ireland will be as much as €25000 Euro.
UK students can apply for student loans to cover tuition fees and living costs in the UK – but that is a big debt to have hanging round your neck for the first few years of your working life.

Uk students who want to apply to University in Ireland can apply via the website.
Offers are not made until all the Irish school exams are published which is usually August . Offers are based on exam results/ points and there are no personal statements required.