VRT : Vehicle Registration Tax Ireland

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Details of  Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland. (VRT Rates) (Valid for cars in 2022) VRT on cars in Ireland is calculated as a percentage of the estimated selling price of the car. (As calculated by Revenue). The rate of tax chargeable is based on the level of CO2 emissions and, since 1 January 2020, also … Read more

Car Statistics Ireland

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The total number of taxed vehicles recorded on Irish roads at the end of 2016 was 2,624,958. This was an an increase of 54,664 vehicles (2.13%) on 2015 . The split of vehicle numbers in 2016 was : 2,026,977 private cars, 342,259 goods vehicles, 79,871  agricultural tractors 38,023 motorcycles   The number of cars in … Read more