Take Home Pay Ireland 2022

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How much is deducted from wages in Ireland – What is the Take Home Pay ? As well as Income Tax – most workers in Ireland also have PRSI and USC deducted from their pay. USC is a more recent tax on income –  introduced in 2011 as one of the austerity measures. USC was … Read more

Income Tax Rates in Ireland

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A brief summary of the Income Tax Rates in Ireland is given below – the figures shown are valid from January 2022 Note: As well as income tax – other deductions are taken from wages in Ireland. There is the Universal Social Charge. See more about the Universal Social Charge Here. Another deduction from gross … Read more

Moving to Ireland for Work.

Thousands of people are still moving to Ireland for work.Migration has provided an important source of labour for Ireland since around 2015.The share of non-Irish nationals in the labour force was at 16.3% in 2018 (same as the 2008 peak). There is likely to be more non nationals in the labour force as we are … Read more

Getting a PPS Number

In Ireland the PPS Number ( Personal Public Service Number) or PPSN is a personal reference number that allows you to gain access to social welfare benefits and other government services in Ireland. It used to be known as the PRSI number. A PPS number is the equivalent of the National Insurance number in the … Read more

Average Earnings in Ireland

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Average weekly earnings in Ireland were €742.19 at the end of March  2018 .  (€38595 annual pay ). This has increased by 2.4% in the past year from €725.05  a week  (€37700 annually). In the five years to Q1 2018 average weekly earnings have risen by 7.1%, from €693.23 in Q1 2013 to €742.19. In … Read more