Irish Economy 2018

irish economy

The Irish economy is showing good signs of continuing recovery. In 2016 real GDP grew by 5.2%, well above the euro area average.  The  European Economic Forecast said that some of the impressive headline GDP figures are still heavily distorted by the activities of large multinationals . However , domestic activity appears to have been … Read more

Moving to Ireland

moving to ireland

If you are thinking about Moving to Ireland  or if you are looking for information about Living in Ireland – here at Irish Links we have plenty of advice and useful resources to help you. The recent decision of the UK to leave the EU has seen an increase in people looking for information about … Read more

Population of Ireland 2017

population of ireland

When it comes to total population rise (i.e. natural change plus migration), Ireland had the fourth highest relative rise in population in the EU in 2016 (+10.6 per 1,000 residents). This meant Ireland had a total population rise of just over 50,000 in 2016 bringing the total population of Ireland in 2017 to 4,774,800 on … Read more

Religions in Ireland

Ireland has been a mainly Catholic country for many years – but the number of people who still class themselves as  Catholic has gradually declined in recent decades. There are now people with a variety of religions in Ireland. In 2016 – the census recorded that there were 78.3% of the population of Ireland who … Read more