UK Student Loans for Irish attending University in England

Sterling bank account

Tuition Fee Loans for Students from Ireland attending University in England If you are an Irish student starting a degree (undergraduate) course in England in 2022 –  you can still apply for a Tuition Fee Loan in England to help you pay for your course.Brexit has not changed this. The rights of Irish residents to study … Read more

Opening a UK Sterling Bank Account from Ireland

Sterling bank account

If you are moving to the UK from Ireland – you are going to need a Sterling bank account in the UK. This might not be easy whilst you are still living in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, you will find that many of the banks there will allow you to open a Sterling Bank Account … Read more

Personal Loans Ireland

Personal loans are loans for a specific amount of money, usually between €2,500 and €25,000, taken out over a certain number of years (usually 3 ,4 or 5 years) The main providers of personal loans are banks, building societies, finance companies and credit unions. You can use a personal loan for both short and long-term … Read more

Ireland the UK and Brexit

ireland and brexit

The Possible Effects on Ireland  of a British Exit from  the EU Two way trade between Ireland and the UK is worth over EUR €1 billion per week. Ireland is the UK’s fifth largest export market and imports more from the UK than any other country. The UK accounts for 30% of imports into Ireland. … Read more