Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland

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Buying a car in the UK and bringing it to Ireland. In 2019 almost half of all new registrations of cars in Ireland were used cars imported from abroad (mostly from the UK).There can be substantial price differences between used cars in Ireland and the UK – in some cases, buyers can save 10 to … Read more

Bringing Cars Into Ireland

If you are an Irish resident thinking of buying a car from the UK and importing it into Ireland – we have some information for you about Buying a Car in the UK  The rest of this page is aimed at people moving over to Ireland and bringing their car with them. Normally – all … Read more

VRT : Vehicle Registration Tax Ireland

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Details of  Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland. (VRT Rates) (Valid for cars in 2017) VRT in Ireland is calculated as a percentage of the estimates selling price of the car. (As calculated by Revenue) The rate of tax chargeable is based on the level of CO2 emissions for the vehicle at the time of manufacture. … Read more