Cheaper Car Insurance Ireland

Car Insurance is compulsory in Ireland – everyone must have a minimum of third party insurance to drive on a public road. Car Insurance discs have to be displayed in the same way as tax discs and NCT discs.

There are plenty of car insurance companies and brokers in Ireland – and prices can vary by large amounts. If you have recently moved to Ireland it might be more expensive to get car insurance . Having a non Irish driving license can sometimes increase the cost. Also – if you have imported a car from another country into Ireland – that can push up the price of insurance especially if the car is not one normally used in Ireland.

If you are trying to find cheap car insurance in Ireland – then the latest price comparison of car insurance quotes in by the Financial Regulator could be useful . Their car insurance price comparison was was carried out in April 2013 and it checked insurance quotes from 8 different companies in Ireland. They were all asked to quote on 7 different test cases.

Some of the differences in the car insurance quotes show that it really does pay to shop around.
In one comparison – the difference in the annual premium between the cheapest and the most expensive quote was €1035 . (Lowest was €1362 from FBD and the most expensive quote was €2400 from Liberty Insurance. ) This was for a 20 year old student who had only had a full licence for less than a year. Three companies wouldn’t even provide a quote for this example

For comprehensive insurance no one company jumped out as being the cheapest. Liberty and FBD came out best – both had the lowest price in 2 of the 7 scenarios .
For Third Party quotes – FBD was the cheapest in 5 out of 7 quotes – with RSA the cheapest in the other 2

The comparison was carried out by getting quotes direct from insurers. You might also be able to get cheaper quotes for car insurance by using an Irish online insurance broker such as AA Insurance or

Young Drivers – Tips For Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes

1. Get yourself put on a parent’s insurance as a named driver as early as possible. This will enable you to establish a safety record, which is crucial when you want to apply for insurance in your own name.
2. Pass your driving Test as soon as possible. Having a full licence will lower the cost of your insurance premium considerably.
3. Get a car with a smaller size engine – they are cheaper to insure.
4. Drive carefully to build up a good no claims bonus – you can cut prices by 50% with 5 years of no claims history