NPPR Property Tax Ireland

In July 2009 a new local authority charge was intruduced in Ireland. It was a charge on any residential property (unit) that was not the main residence of the owner. The charge was a flat rate of €200 . The charge was per dwelling – so a block of 30 apartments owned by one person […]

Television Licence Ireland

In Ireland it is a prosecutable offence to be found in possession of an unlicensed television set.  An Irish TV licence costs €160 . Fines for not having a licence can be up to €1000 for a first offence. Any person in occupancy at an address in Ireland where a television set is held is […]

Septic Tank Registration Charges

There are about 500,000 wastewater treatment systems and/or septic tanks in the countryside in Ireland. Since April 2012 all on-site septic tank systems or domestic wastewater treatment systems have to be registered. All existing systems were supposed to be registered by  a deadline of January 2013. The owner of every private home or business which […]

Mortgage Brokers Ireland

Mortgages arranged through Mortgage Brokers in Ireland used to account for around 40% of all Irish mortgages. The figures in are not as high now because many lenders have cut broker commissions and are lending less. Mortgage Brokers are usually paid commission by the mortgage lenders – ranging from 0.25% to 1%. Some brokers may […]

House Rental Ireland

Rental Costs in Ireland About  750,000 Irish people live in rented houses and apartments. That number is increasing every day. Almost 10,000 tenants join the rental sector every month. Rents increased in Ireland during  2015 and 2016  – across all 35 counties. For some counties, particularly in the west , there was  an  increase in […]

Conveyancing in Ireland

Conveyancing is the legal work involved in the purchase or sale of land or property. A typical Irish conveyance, may take anything from 8 to 12 weeks. In Ireland a solicitor must be qualified and registered with the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland. All practicing solicitors must hold a “practice certificate” issued by the Irish […]

Average House Prices in Ireland

The housing market in Ireland had been booming for several years prior to 2007 – but as with many countries in the world – the bubble burst and average house prices in Ireland dropped back to more realistic levels from 2008 onwards Ireland’s house price growth up to 2007 was one of the highest in […]

Property Tax Ireland

A Property Tax was first introduced in Ireland in 2013. This Local Property Tax  or LPT is payable by residents and non residents who own residential property in Ireland. Properties are still liable for the tax even if they are vacant. There are some exemptions – see here for details of Property Tax Exemptions in […]