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NPPR Property Tax Ireland

In July 2009 a new local authority charge was intruduced in Ireland. It was a charge on any residential property…

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Television Licence Ireland

In Ireland it is a prosecutable offence to be found in possession of an unlicensed television set.¬† An Irish TV…

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Septic Tank Registration Charges

There are about 500,000 wastewater treatment systems and/or septic tanks in the countryside in Ireland. Since April 2012 all on-site…

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Mortgage Brokers Ireland

Mortgages arranged through Mortgage Brokers in Ireland used to account for around 40% of all Irish mortgages. The figures in…

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House Rental Ireland

Rental Costs in Ireland About¬† 750,000 Irish people live in rented houses and apartments. That number is increasing every day….

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Conveyancing in Ireland

Conveyancing is the legal work involved in the purchase or sale of land or property. A typical Irish conveyance, may…