Skill Shortages in Ireland

As the recovery in the Irish jobs market gathered pace during 2014 and 2015 , areas of skill shortages in Ireland  have arisen in several occupations and sectors The jobs  that Irish employers are having trouble filling are  across a wide  range of occupations include : ICT (software developers, cloud, databases/big data, testing, security, technical […]

Bringing Cars Into Ireland

If you are an Irish resident thinking of buying a car from the UK and importing it into Ireland – we have some information for you about Buying a Car in the UK  The rest of this page is aimed at people moving over to Ireland and bringing their car with them. Normally – all […]

Immigration to Ireland

The last census in Ireland was in  2011. The population figure was 4.5 Million  – which is an increase of 1 million people in just 20 years. Ireland now has the highest fertility rate in  the European Union, with an average of 2.05 children per woman. Immigration has also been an  important feature of Ireland’s […]

Moving Business to Ireland

Moving to Ireland –  Business Advantages Many international companies have moved to Ireland to take advantage of the low taxes. Corporation tax is still just 12.5%. Incorporating as an Irish company provides significant global cash management flexibility and associated financial benefits Eight of the top ten global medical technology companies have a manufacturing base in […]