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Bringing Cars Into Ireland

If you are an Irish resident thinking of buying a car from the UK and importing it into Ireland –…

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Exchanging Sterling to Euro

If you are moving from the UK to Ireland or anywhere else in the Eurozone you will probably need to…

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Sending Money from the UK to Ireland

For anyone that is moving to Ireland from the UK – either permanently or temporarily – transferring some or all…

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Average Earnings in Ireland

Average weekly earnings in Ireland were €742.19 at the end of March  2018 .  (€38595 annual pay ). This has…

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Irish Economy 2018

The Irish economy is showing good signs of continuing recovery. In 2016 real GDP grew by 5.2%, well above the…

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Moving Business to Ireland

Moving to Ireland –  Business Advantages Many international companies have moved to Ireland to take advantage of the low taxes….