Sending Money to Ireland

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If you are moving to Ireland from the UK or anywhere else outside the Eurozone you will probably need to exchange currency.  You might be planning to buy a property in Ireland or may need money available for renting and buying furniture etc. Opening a Euro Bank Account Opening a Euro bank account in Ireland … Read more

UK Student Loans for Irish attending University in England

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Tuition Fee Loans for Students from Ireland at University in England If you are an Irish student starting a degree (undergraduate) course in England in 2021/22-  you can still apply for a Tuition Fee Loan in England to help you pay for your course.Brexit has not changed this. Irish residents can also apply for tuition fee … Read more

Getting a UK National Insurance Number

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Do Irish Citizens need a national insurance number to work in the UK ? Yes – If you want to work in the UK you must apply for a National Insurance number.This includes people from Ireland who want to work in Northern Ireland. A UK National Insurance number is like a personal ID or account … Read more

Moving to England

During the so called Celtic Tiger years – plenty of people moved to Ireland for work . Then a recession hit  Ireland in 2008/2009  – and now as  Ireland isstill  gradually getting over the worst downturn for decades ,  thousands of Irish people are still leaving Ireland  each year to find work. Historically – England … Read more