Euro to Sterling Exchange For Businesses

Euro to Sterling Exchange For Businesses

The Euro to Sterling exchange rate is pretty important for many businesses and ordinary people in Ireland. The UK is one of Ireland’s biggest trading partners  – so the exchange rate between Euro and the British Pound can have a big effect on retail prices and business profits. It can also have a big effect […]

Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland

Buying a car in the UK and importing it to Ireland In 2013 about one third of all new registrations of cars in Ireland were used cars imported from abroad (mostly from the UK). There can be substantial price differences between used cars in Ireland and the UK – in some cases buyers can save […]

Sterling Bank Accounts

Tranferring  Euros to Sterling in UK The financial turmoil in Ireland and other countries in the Eurozone has resulted in some Irish people withdrawing Euros from their Irish bank accounts and transferring it into other currencies. It appears that many are are transferring money to UK banks operating in Ireland or to UK banks in […]