Learning to Drive in Ireland

Learning to Drive in Ireland

Learning to Drive in Ireland can be an expensive lesson .To legally drive a car in  Ireland you need a Drivers Permit. The first step is to pass a  Driver Theory Test . This costs €45 for a car  and you have to be at least 17 years old before you can take the test. […]

Car Tax Refunds Ireland

The amounts charged in Ireland for Car Tax can be as much as €2100 a year for high CO2 emission cars. See here for a list of Car Tax Amounts in Ireland. Claiming a Car Tax Refund in Ireland : It is possible to get a refund on your Motor Tax in Ireland in certain […]

NCT Test Ireland

The NCT is a National Car Test carried out on all cars in Ireland that are over 4 years old. It is carried out every 2 years. Since June 2011 all cars over 10 years old require an NCT test every year. Charges : The NCT fee for a full test is 55.00 Euro a […]

Cheaper Car Insurance Ireland

Car Insurance is compulsory in Ireland – everyone must have a minimum of third party insurance to drive on a public road. Car Insurance discs have to be displayed in the same way as tax discs and NCT discs. There are plenty of car insurance companies and brokers in Ireland – and prices can vary […]